Apple Watch Series 8 for $297+ (reg. $399)

Apple Watch Series 8

$297+ (reg. $399)


⏩It hugely motivates you to exercise! Recording your activity is one way it motivates you, but the other huge factor was sharing my activity with someone else: it could be your spouse or partner, a parent, a friend, or even a circle of friends. This is how it looks when you share your activity with someone:

Here is how to start sharing:

➤➤Open the Fitness app on your iPhone.

➤➤Navigate to the “Sharing” tab on the bottom right. Tap the “+” icon in the top-right corner to add friend(s).

➤➤The app will populate the contacts of those who may own an Apple Watch, so you can tap one of those or type in someone specific in the text box.

➤➤You can include multiple invitations at one time, and once you have everyone included in the “To” box, tap “Send.”

⏩The Apple watch also measures your heart rate and can populate all sorts of interesting data. Measuring your heart rate at rest and during activity is useful. For older people, especially those at higher risk for stroke, the Apple watch’s ability to detect atrial fibrillation is useful.

⏩It can also detect hard falls and send out an emergency SOS. Both of these qualities make it an excellent gift for family members getting along in age – definitely a very useful gift choice when visiting home!

⏩ The series 8 also has the ability to record basal body temperatures to help you figure out when ovulation (egg release) occurs in a menstrual cycle, which is very useful for women trying to conceive.

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