Cooks Venture: Pasture-raised chicken from heirloom breeds

I’ve always been invested in buying really good quality chicken. But what I got from the local grocery store (even though it was supposed organic, air-chilled, and the most expensive option) did not honestly taste that great. So one day when I found targeted ads for a small farm (Cook’s Venture) that produced meat from pasture-raised, heirloom varieties of chicken (which had also been humanely raised, never antibiotic-treated, yada, yada, yada), I was intrigued enough to try it once. The comments in the targeted ad were GLOWING.

First-time customers get 50$ off their orders (apply code AK50). I selected the 150$ small box w/ the 50% off – this would give me 18 (1.25 lb-ea) packs of chicken thighs for about 100$, which is not bad! Shipping was free, everything arrived frozen solid as intended, and I split the box with my neighbor (because I did not have that much room in my freezer).

The chicken was DIFFERENT, and so much better than the “best” from my local supermarket. The meat was way more tender, much easier to handle, and tasted so good! Definitely buying more, I don’t think I can go back to what is sold locally! Huge, very enthusiastic recco for this!

The same farm also sells pasture-raised lamb and pork, FYI.

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