Cyber Monday: Air Purifier and Humidifier deals

Levoit 6L Humidifer (Smart App & Voice control)

$69.99 (Reg 79.99)
Levoit 6L Humidifier (Knob control)
$59.99 (Reg $68.99)
(Levoit humidifiers are a Wirecutter best-in-class pick)
Why Use Humidifiers:
⏩May make you less susceptible to respiratory illnesses by reducing bacterial and viral loads in the air
⏩May make you less susceptible to respiratory illnesses by preventing mucus membranes from getting dried out/inflamed ⏩ Prevent skin from getting dry and cracked
⏩ Protects against a stuffy nose or nosebleeds in children prone to them

Coway Airmega AP1512HH
$133 (Reg $229)
This is a Wirecutter pick for the best-in-class air purifier. Designed to clean spaces up to 361 sq. ft. in 12.5 minutes or up to 874 sq. ft. in 30 minutes. 

Levoit Large Room Air Purifer
($186+, Reg $219+)
Also a Wirecutter runner-up, this is a good option for slightly larger spaces; can purify a 403 sq ft room 5x per hour (ie in 12 minutes) and a 990 sq. ft room 2x per hour (ie once in 30 minutes)

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