Earth Day Pitch – Switch to packaging-free laundry detergents & soaps

Ever think about how many empty laundry detergent/hand soap bottles we have tossed away? Then when you add up how many empty bottles just come from your neighborhood alone in a month, it starts adding up. Recycling capacities are also limited and stretched thin – millions of plastic jugs/bottles will end up in landfills.

I was hence super intrigued when shown targeted ads for packaging-free cleaning products. The first was laundry detergent – instead of a liquid detergent in a heavy tub, the same detergent is in the form of a small laundry strip that dissolves completely in water. I tried two different brands, both were good, but this one by Tru-Earth was the clear winner! Did a fantastic job washing my clothes, and is pretty affordable too – $14.95 (Was $21) for 32 loads after you get the subscribe-and-save option for the family of four. You can cancel your subscription anytime too.

The second is hand soaps by Blueland. They are sold as a tablet (3 for $6, making them $2 ea) in a paper packet – drop it in hot water, it foams up and dissolves and voila, you have hand soap! The initial starter kit costs $30, and consists of 2 beautiful, ultra-durable glass bottles and 3 soap tablets. For a limited time, instead of the plain bottle (which also looks super classy), they have those gorgeous floral glass bottles.

Blueland Floral starter kit w/ 3 soap tablets for $30

After the initial expenditure, you have hand soap refills for 2$, and the glass bottles will last you forever! My favorite scent is the Perrine lemon. I have Blueland handsoap bottles in every bathroom, and I’m so pleased with this setup!

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