Expandable garden hose, $14-27+ | 5G WiFi & Bluetooth projector, $39+ | Br@Nded area rug, as low as $6+

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JOWLURK 4K Projector with 5G WiFi and Bluetooth

$39+ (Reg $129+) with the price drop + coupon + code EU5ODEBG

Bluebala Expandable SS Garden Hose

$14-27+ (Reg $29-54+) with the coupon & through our link at checkout

Home Dynamix Premium Sakarya Traditional Medallion Border Area Rug

21″x35″ Rectangle, $6+ (Reg $29+)

3’7″x5’2″, $15+ (Reg $41+) with the price drop + coupon

7’8″x10’7″, 54+ (Reg $109+) with the price drop + coupon

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