Foundation Rec: “Woke up like this” by Il Makiage

Il Makiage Foundation

Reintroducing the product that is probably one of the most member-recommended ones ever; I got so many ringing endorsements after I threw it out there! I went from I’ll-only-try-foundation-to-go-to-fancy-parties to using it almost every day after discovering it!

Find your shade first, and follow the process outlined below.

The process

They make you take a shade quiz that really pinpoints or gets close to pinpointing your shade. Then they send you a free full-sized bottle, you only have to pay a 5$ shipping fee. IF you decide to keep it, then you are charged the full price ($45).

In my case, my first shade match (115) was not perfect. They gave me that for free and sent me a second shade (120). That was not a perfect match either, though it worked much better than the first. They let me keep that for free as well when I tried the next shade (125). I eventually ended up mixing Shade 120 with Shade 125 to come up with the perfect blend for me. It makes SUCH a big difference! I swore I’d never use foundation every day, but this made me change my mind! This company gives you lots of freebies and coupons, and their customer service is amazing. One bottle should last you for a few months at least, and this is worth the money!

See below the reviews after I introduced it the very first time – I was blown away that so many people had tried it (amazing marketing at their end), but not at all surprised by how well-received it was!

If you buy this foundation, I highly recommend also getting these oil-blotting sheets. It seriously elevates the final look

How to use: After I apply the foundation, I use these sheets to sop up any excess, to give me a clear, matte, as-close-to-airbrushed-as-my-imperfect-skin-can-manage look!

I’m not the only person to think this product is amazing – this one gets over 15,000 reviews on Amazon!

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