Mask Recco: 3-6-layer Shero masks

With the fast-spreading UK strain threatening to become the dominant strain, we all need to up our face mask game. The reason I say this is because widespread mask use works to greatly reduce viral loads in the air. The problem with the UK strain is that it’s probably evolved to require a much lower viral load to infect us. So long story short – now more than ever, we need to use GOOD face masks when doing things like grocery shopping, not just throw on any face mask we have sitting at home.

I strongly recommend following the CDC guidelines for mask use (detailed in this post). This is the mask I personally use and can strongly recommend – it is 6-layer, and has one layer of copper-infused fabric, and one layer of zinc-oxide infused fabric. The same company also has a 3-layer mask in size S that works well for kids, but as of the day of this posting, that is currently sold out. Turns out there is also a 6-layer size S Shero masks for kids on Amazon!

For adults, I’ve found that 6-layer mask is even comfier than the 4-layer mask, but if anyone wants to consider that, it is currently on sale for $10. All Shero mask options can be found here.

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