Non-Toxic Nail Paint Recommendation – Cirque Colors

After reading about how chemicals found in nail paint can end up in the bloodstream, I’ve been pretty determined to avoid cheap nail paints, and buy good quality stuff. Here is an objective, balanced take on the matter.

It’s hard finding good non-toxic nail paints that have great colors to choose from as well, and that stay on a long time. I picked this brand. Cirque Colors, off Amazon, based on excellent reviews, and I was not disappointed: their nail paint is super easy to apply, and is still going strong 4 weeks later – no chipping, really long-lasting!

I got their holographic nail polish ($14) in Madder red – I love the subtle holographic effect!! Hugely recommend this line – so many colors to choose from!

Their iridescent line looks fabulous as well- check this one out in burgandy red, also for $14!

They also have a slightly lower-priced glossy line in various colors ($12.50) – hugely recommend checking this out too – it has over 1300 reviews on Amazon!

I grabbed it with their base coat and topcoat, and with this combination, am super impressed with the longevity! This was overall so good that the person working on my nails immediately wanted to buy it – huge recco overall for this brand!

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