Pimple patches as the most effective acne solution so far

The newest acne solution in town is hydrocolloid pimple patches, and many different companies have come up with products based on this concept. Hydrocolloid works by drawing the pus and liquid out – this collapses on-the-surface spots and goes a long way towards treating under-the-surface spots too when the hydrocolloid is combined with other acne-fighting chemicals.

The brand I tried is one that I already liked thanks to their organic cotton menstrual pads, Rael.

I tried their 33-count combination pack (Reg 17+) of microcrystal patches with tea tree oil and hyaluronic acid (great for early-stage underground spots), plus their hydrocolloid invisible spot cover (suitable for on-the-surface spots). It helped me get rid of both – I’ve been really happy with these. I’ve used them for about 8-9 spots now, and they’ve fixed about 90% of the instances. Nothing is ever perfect, but of the many imperfect acne solutions out there, this comes closest to perfection.

Overall, selecting the right patch for your acne problem is key when using hydrocolloid patches. See all their acne solutions here – they have bigger-sized patches for those who get clusters of cystic acne.

Another great combination is their 39-count 3-step kit (now $28, reg 32+)- one for early underground spots, one for on-the-surface spots, and the 3rd for post-blemish dark spots – this is the one I’d probably recommend if you don’t get too many spots.

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