Protecting Kids against COVID | 3-6 layer Copper Mask options + the monolaurin gel

Schools starting again, and with the spread of the delta variant and many states unwilling to reintroduce the COVID-safety guidelines of last year, parents are understandably nervous about sending their kids back.

Like I’ve said before, and the CDC has also laid out, not all masks are created equal. Your mask should be at least 2-layer, preferably 3-layer or more, tightly fitted, with a nose wire.

Masks that fit all these requirements (and have adjustable ear-loops to help regulate the fit) are the 3-6 layer Shero copper masks. These masks also have a copper-impregnated layer (coming into contact w/ copper is shown to drastically shorten the viability of the virus), plus a zinc oxide layer. Basically, these are the best-designed masks I’ve found. Plus they are also hands down the MOST comfy, a sentiment not just echoed by me, but by the vast majority of people who have tried this. I can only breathe easy when my daughter goes out into the world wearing these masks, and not any others, frankly (We’ve tried a few).

Without any further ado, here are links for Shero kids masks:

Shero 6-layer kids mask (Etsy link) or you can also purchase from Amazon
Shero 6-layer kids mask w/ a cat motif (Etsy link)

Monolaurin Gel

Monolaurin, something derived from coconut oil, kills enveloped viruses (Such as the flu virus or the coronavirus) and many bacterial species on contact. A nose gel containing monolaurin has been shown to be safe to use in human volunteers. In theory, applying the gel intranasally should protect against transmission of the virus, at least partially or fully by killing the virus as it enters the nose. Sadly, while the fact that the gel kills the viruses has been conclusively shown, whether it protects against transmission, and to what degree has NOT been studied. Still, as it is safe to use, I have been using this as an added layer of protection since last December. This year, after much difficulty, I persuaded my daughter to let me apply the gel intranasally daily. It takes heavy bribery, as the gel produces a slight irritating burning sensation that subsides quickly. When she is masked up w/ the gel on, I feel much safer about us not being as sequestered as we were last year. See this write-up on how to make and use the gel, and also find sources for all the claims I made in this paragraph.

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