Pura Kiki Stainless Steel Bottles – They Grow With Your Child!

When I was a new mom, sadly, I had to bottle feed from the start. I obsessively researched baby bottles before my daughter arrived.

I ruled out plastic from day 1 for various reasons. The other 2 options were glass and steel. Glass is too easily breakable, and then, when I found these amazeballs Pura Kiki stainless steel bottles, it was a no-brainer choice.

These are available in 2 sizes (5 oz and 11 oz). Their only drawback is that I did not love the nipples they came with (maybe they have improved the design since). However, you can switch nipples out with a bunch of other brands, including Dr. Brown’s wide neck, Thinkbaby, and Pigeon silicone nipples. These bottles are amazing for various reasons:

  1. They are super light and easy to heat up or cool down, being metallic. just hold them under hot or cold water in a pinch!
  2. They grow with your baby. When your baby is old enough to transition to a sippy or a straw cup, you can simply buy the attachments (straws or sippy spouts) to transition them. You can also get the attachments to transform them into snack cups or water bottles!
  3. Unlimited longevity: Unlike plastic bottles that you ideally *should* replace in a few months because of breakdown and increased potential leaching of plasticizers, these bottles can be passed down forever. My original bottles are with my brother and a friend. When their kids are done with them, they can resell them or pass them down to someone else. All the new owner has to do is just buy new nipples/sprouts/straws. I did not realize these can also be transitioned to regular water bottles for older kids, or I would not have given all of mine away!

    If you have a Pura Kiki bottle, tell us about it in the comments!

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