Self-watering Planters as low as $1.50-$3 per planter

Self-watering planters are awesome, especially for those who frequently kill your plants through over or under-watering, and have helped me maintain so many different varieties of plants effortlessly – note, they would not be a good fit for plants that like to be in more dried-out soil, like succulents.

But they are expensive, especially in large sizes. Enter Target, which has self-watering planters as low as $1.50 per planter (4-inch size) to $3 (7-7.8-inch sizes!). I also love that this has much bigger (12 to 20 inches!!) planter sizes too, with free store pickup!

This is also a great value for money – I had previously grabbed 8-inch self-watering planters at about $7 per planter from Amazon, but they are much cheaper here ($3 for the 7.8-inch size!), and you can get them in various colors!

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