Seven Minerals Aloe Vera Spray and Gel on limited-time deal

Head over to Amazon where Seven Minerals Aloe Vera spray (reg 24.95, down to $12-14+; max savings when you grab through subscribe-and save) is on limited-time sale!

The Aloe vera gel by the same company is also on deal (reg $24.95, down to $16.95, drops to $16.10 with S+S)! I have the gel, and I highly recommend it!

Either option would be good – this is an excellent brand with no xanthan gum added. I bought this recently to apply after laser treatment, and I’m in LOVE. A good aloe vera product without nasty additives has a bunch of uses:

  • ⏩Makes an excellent hair mask when you mix it with oils
  • ⏩You can mix it with regular moisturizers to apply to skin – I no longer apply only one product, I mix a few (my regular Roche Posay moisturizer, this gel, turmeric essential oil) together like a mad scientist and it works!
  • Good for use on intimate areas – keeps skin moisturized, does not disrupt pH, prevents chafing, and is also anti-fungal in nature
  • ⏩Excellent first aid after burns
  • ⏩Excellent for post-sun exposure

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