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GuruNanda Coconut Oil Pulling Kit

Highly Recommended!
Now $12+ on Amazon

Contains 7 Essential Oils and Vitamin D3, E, and K2. It is a great remedy for bad breath, yellow stains, and plaque buildup.

Personal Recco – Just brushing is never enough if you know the importance of oral hygiene and its effect on your overall health. This is my 4th bottle in 6 months and I’m stocking up. I cannot start my day without oil pulling! This is one thing I added to my routine and I’m super proud of my decision to choose the right oil with rich ingredients. I had issues with yellow teeth, sensitivity, bad breath in a few hours of brushing, teeth chipping for no reason, and even started seeing cavities in my late 20s. Today, after 6+ months of oil pulling and prioritizing oral health I have none of these problems. When I say my teeth healed, I mean it. Make Oil pulling a part of your oral routine and thank me later! Oral health is as important as your physical health.

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