Penetrex 2-oz pain relief cream for $9+ (Reg. 18+) via subscribe-and-save

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Penetrex 2-oz

I LOVE this product, and the savings are fantastic right now w/ the double discount!
1st discount: Limited time sale for $14+ (reg 18+)
2nd discount: extra 25% coupon if you grab via subscribe-and-save – dropped it to $9+ for me

Penetrex pain relief cream is a FABULOUS formulation of anti-inflammatory agents: it WORKS super well (highly effective for arthritis) & its effects can be even stronger if you combine it with the 2 products below!

Turmeric Essential oil (Rocky Mountain oil)

Turmeric is another anti-inflammatory agent and results are NOTICABLY stronger when you combine the two. Note: There are cheaper turmeric essential oils available on Amazon, but choosing a cheap essential oil means you are probably getting an adulterated one. Creating an EO is an expensive process, and if they skimp on cost, it indicates that they have skimped on the production process too, and it likely has additives. After research, I trust only Rocky Mountain brand (I’ve bought off their website many times, sometimes, Amazon can have an old batch) or DoTerra.

How to use as a treatment for muscle pain or for arthritis

Mix one generous dollop of Penetrex with 1-2 drops of turmeric essential oil, add 3-4 sprays of magnesium oil, and mix well. You can change up quantities depending on how much skin area you want to cover. This amount produces a nice thick layer that covers my neck, shoulders, and lower back, with a little bit left over for my hands. You can mix it up in the palm of your hand or a plastic cup. Apply to skin as a thick, generous layer, and let it get absorbed.

DIY protocol to treat muscle pain

⏩This topical combination of Penetrex, Turmeric EO, and Magnesium oil, applied once per day

TENS once a day, preferably under a PT’s guidance if you have never used one before. There are some areas for which it should not be applied.

⏩Gentle stretching as recommended by a PT

Please come back and tell me how this worked for you – I love feedback!

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