Rice Water Shampoo Bars for $10 (44% Off)

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VIORI Shampoo Bars

$10 (Reg $18) on Amazon after price drop

📢Personal Product Recommendation!

I’ve been trying to become a conscious consumer and make better purchase decisions (both for my health & the planet) and personal care products are no exception. I don’t use a ton of unnecessary products & do extensive research for those I do use. I went through a phase of heavy hair loss caused by health issues & medications in 2020 (to the point of having bald spots on my head) and gave up on using drug store hair care products. Thankfully my alopecia was temporary and the bald spots disappeared in about a year (using pure castor oil helped trigger new hair growth). My hair is now getting to a point where I am happy with its health and a lot of things/changes to my hair-care routine contributed to it (not going into details). One of the good swaps was Viori Shamapoo Bars! I started using Viori Shampoo Bars in December 2021 after I snagged them on deal during Black Friday! And I only have good things to say! I am in no way claiming that this is a miracle product that magically grows out your hair or makes them as beautiful as in Shampoo commercials. The way your hair looks greatly depends on your genetics & your health in general. There’s only so much a shampoo can do (or at least a natural shampoo with no harmful ingredients can do). But what I love about Viori Shampoo Bars is that they don’t have those nasty ingredients that drug store products have. Their fragrances are essential oils-based and are free from known parabens, phthalates, carcinogens, reproductive toxins, mutagens, organ toxins, acute toxins, prop 65 chemicals, and any other potentially hazardous chemicals often found in fragrance. Their products and scents are IFRA compliant. *(Data borrowed from their website)

For me, Viori Shampoo Bars leave my hair feeling clean (which most shampoo Bars fail to provide) and smelling good. The scent mildly lingers until next wash. It also does a great job getting oils out of your hair. This is really important for me because being a South Asian-Indian, I still continue the tradition of oiling my hair before & between washes. I follow up with a good Deep conditioning Hair Mask to moisturize & soften my hair.

Viori products are not cheap. But they tend to last long, so they end up costing about the same as drug store products. I have medium length hair (when straightened) and wash them twice a week. I usually get 4 months out of 1 bar. Not bad at all! A smart way to keep your cost low is to stock up on them when they are on deal, like right now! You can snag them for $10 (Reg $18).

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