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Farmhouse Accent Mirrors

Farmhouse accent mirrors are a brilliant decor idea to punch up your space and Wayfair has a huge collection, many of which are on sale. If you are looking for something tried and tested, I got this absolutely gorgeous Gorge Cottage Accent mirror (down to $299.99, regularly $400+) – see a picture of it in an alcove in my house, it’s absolutely worth every penny!

If you are looking for something lower-priced, this Allison Arch Distressed mirror down to $179 (reg 324.00) caught my eye, and is absolutely gorgeous with a super high customer rating as well.

Alison Arched Distressed Accent Mirror

Circular Wall Shelves

Another great design idea for a big wall is to buy multiple circular wall shelves – I had one up in my old house, and in my new place, as an experiment, I tried two – the effect was so much better! See a picture of my shelves below – I’ve not yet finished buying decor for them, but you can already see the effect. Wayfair has many options on sale now, starting as low as $44+!

Etagere Bookshelves

ABout 4 years ago, I moved from the east coast to the south. My long-distance shipment never arrived, to my horror, and I had to start all over again. One of the first things I ended up buying for decor was this Etagere bookshelf from Wayfair. Three houses later, everywhere it’s gone, it has worked out gorgeously and I’ve always gotten compliments – it is so versatile to dress up! Wayfair has a huge collection of Etagere bookcases, and many are on sale – these are a no-brainer buy – get one, and make it your own.

Tips on deciding on stuff

For me, deciding on decor is hard. I have a bit of a design brain and some aesthetic sense, but I cannot for the life of me visualize in my head, so I feel unsure about my choices. My way of getting around is using Powerpoint to visualize – take a picture of your space, stick it in a slide in PowerPoint, and superimpose what you are thinking about in the space intended. If you know someone with Photoshop skills, it helps you much more. It’s not perfect, but it helps get you started. Hope this post will end up giving some of you good directions to get started!

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