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About 4 years ago, before social media influencing, I was clueless when it came to skincare products. I had finally started using a nice but unnecessarily expensive moisturizer from Rodan & Fields (around $70/pot), but nothing more.

Once I started spending chunks of my day delving into the product universe, everything changed. First, I stumbled onto the amazeballs LilyAna Naturals moisturizer, which has over 8K Amazon reviews. Not only did it turn out to be slightly better than Rodan & Fields at moisturizing, but it also did the job at a fraction of the price. Since then, I have introduced this to thousands of Smart Savers group members – the consensus is: it’s GREAT for oily or combination skin, but not so great for dry skin by itself. If you have combo or oily skin, this is totally worth trying out!

My next find was via group members recommending anti-aging serums with vitamin C and hyaluronic acid – clearly a smart idea for women at a certain stage of their lives. Truskin vitamin C and hyaluronic acid serum (over 47K reviews) was the most raved-about option in the group. Another great, slightly cheaper option that has its own loyal following is the LilyAna vitamin C and hyaluronic acid serum. I’ve only tried Truskin, and since then, been hooked.

One day, the group started discussing rosehip oil, and I saw multiple members praise it to high heaven. Not surprising – rosehip oil is rich in nutrients and polyunsaturated fatty acids that help the skin stay plumper and more hydrated, and it also has anti-inflammatory effects.

I tried it and once more, was hooked. I should add, only Majestic Rosehip oil bought the magic for me. Another brand, Radha, made me break out.

So now my skincare routine was Truskin serum followed by Lilyana and Rosehip. This trio made my skin look the best it’s ever looked, and then one day, I discovered an even better product (Glow oil) for the face, a product that combines rosehip oil with turmeric, whose benefits for skin are well-known. Omg, combining these 2 great ingredients results in a fantastic product!!

Turmeric, which is anti-inflammatory, can really can help with acne and eczema, based on anecdotal accounting off Amazon and based on group-member reviews. Adding it to skincare products makes so much sense.

I still use Majestic rosehip, but only on my scalp, to reduce flakiness.

How I use these products

Cleansing: For face cleansing, instead of using a traditional cleanser, I have switched to oil cleansing with either Majestic Rosehip oil or the Glow turmeric and Rosehip oil. Oil cleansing, a rather terrifying sounding option to the uninitiated, is where you clean your face with OIL instead of water. It. Is. Amazing. After I switched to it, I understood why so many (even many with acne-prone skin) do it. HUGE recommendation that you try this at least once!

Skin Care routine (done once a day after showering): First, apply a small amount of Truskin serum. Less is totally more. It sinks in fast. Next, I mix a pea-sized amount of LilyAna naturals moisturizer with about 2 drops (or one tiny pump) of Glow Rosehip and turmeric oil on my palm. Apply to face, and massage in, and you are done!

Scalp care: Just before my shower, (or a few hours before, if you are better with time management than me), apply Majestic rosehip oil liberally to your scalp. Massage in well, and then wash hair as usual. You will likely see a reduction in scalp flakiness if you keep this up – I did!

Used these products yourself? Please tell us what you think!!

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