A fantastic combination of topical treatments for muscle pain or arthritis

About a month ago, I fell into an old, familiar pain spiral: the muscles of my neck and shoulders were getting impossibly inflamed as I slept. They were maybe pinching nerves that fed my hands. I was then waking up with hand pain resembling carpal tunnel. From previous experience, I know the best muscle pain treatment for this is an extensive dry needling process that is not yet available in the US.

But I needed relief. I tried everything. TENS units helped quite a bit. Regular stretching of affected muscles also helped. But I was still falling short. I had hard, painful, palpable knots that were not subsiding.

Then one day I had a brainwave. I was already using the topical pain reliever Penetrex. It seemed to help a little but did not go very far by itself. I was also using magnesium oil, which also helped a little by itself, but also had to be applied just before a shower and quickly washed off, because it stung too much when applied alone. I thought, what if we mix different anti-inflammatories (eg Penetrex and turmeric) with a muscle relaxant (magnesium oil)?

I mixed generous dollops of Penetrex with turmeric oil, and to this mix, added my magnesium oil spray. I applied this to a well-palpable, painful trigger point in my back/shoulder area, and to my amazement, just this combination seemed to melt the angry trigger point away. I had 2 pain-free days without doing anything else, which seemed miraculous to me. Of course, the trigger points reformed 2 days later and I continue to have mild pain, but it is very well controlled by the repeated application of this topical trio, TENS, and stretching. I should emphasize, this topical combination will likely be fantastic for people with inflamed joined due to osteoarthritis or rheumatoid arthritis.

What you need to buy:


Turmeric Essential oil by DoTerra or Rocky Mountain Oils. These get great reviews for treating pain and eczema in itself – for RMO turmeric oil reviews, you need to check the site directly. There are cheaper turmeric EOs available on Amazon, but I prefer not to use them – creating an EO is an expensive process, and if they skimp on cost, it to me indicates that they have skimped on the production process too, and it likely has additives. Rocky Mountain Oils and DoTerra are both brands with a good rep in the organic oil biz. I would not ingest any essential oil – I strongly advise limiting this to topical use. There are many good turmeric options for ingestion – this is the one I use.

Magnesium oil

How to use as a treatment for muscle pain or for arthritis

Mix one generous dollop of Penetrex with 1-2 drops of turmeric essential oil, and add 3-4 sprays of magnesium oil, and mix well. You can change up quantities depending on how much skin area you want to cover. This much produces a nice thick layer that covers my neck, shoulders, and lower back, with a little bit left over for my hands. You can mix up in the palm of your hand, or a plastic cup. Apply to skin as a thick, generous layer, and let it get absorbed.

DIY protocol to treat muscle pain

⏩This topical combination of Penetrex, Turmeric EO, and Magnesium oil, applied once per day

TENS once a day, preferably under a PT’s guidance if you have never used one before. There are some areas for which it should not be applied.

⏩Gentle stretching as recommended by a PT

Please come back and tell me how this worked for you – I love feedback!

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