Turmeric for Skin: Acne, Eczema, & Other Benefits

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Last year, too late in life really, I discovered the amazing topical benefits of turmeric, which is strongly anti-inflammatory. This anti-inflammatory effect of turmeric can make it useful for myriad inflammatory conditions like eczema, acne, psoriasis, and pain. More and more, skincare companies are incorporating it in products that are very well received because they harness that anti-inflammatory effect. Here is a summary of what products seem best for which indications:

Turmeric for Skin Care

Turmeric oil for acne or eczema

Last year, I found a product that combined the skin-plumping effects of rosehip oil with the anti-inflammatory effects of turmeric, Glow oil. This has done so much for my skin! I use it in two ways, for oil cleansing in place of a regular facewash, and as a daily moisturizer, in combination with the LilyAna cream. It leaves it so beautifully moisturized, and a little bit goes a long way. Sometimes I wonder if I’m correctly gauging how wonderful this is; then I think back on the amazing feedback others have also given this product, and I’m like, nope, it really is the bomb! You can grab this via subscribe-and-save to save another 5%.

For more information as to how to use the Glow oil in combination with other fantastic serums and moisturizers from Amazon, check out the routine I outline in this blog post.

Turmeric for Eczema or Psoriasis

Turmeric for eczema is a logical choice because of its potent anti-inflammatory properties. Turmeric-containing products like Glow oil or Vicco Turmeric may work for eczema in themselves. If you want to pack more of a punch, one alternative to try is turmeric essential oil: you can mix this with either product or with other eczema-specific creams for eczema or psoriasis. I think the last approach (mixing a turmeric essential oil with an eczema-specific cream) may throw the most powerful punch, but you have to try it and see. A member in my group had a child who had never responded many different types of eczema treatments. The one thing that bought immediate, clear improvements was Vicco turmeric.

Turmeric for Acne Relief

If you need acne relief, you need a bit of concentrated turmeric: I would consider Vicco turmeric for acne spot-treating – this really is fantastic for painful acne, owing to turmeric’s anti-inflammatory effects. You can also consider Neutrogena’s soothing clear gel moisturizer as a general acne deterrent before when you know you are likely to break out, as recommended by a member, but from the looks of it, it does not have too much turmeric in it (it’s the second-to-last listed ingredient).

Turmeric for Pain

Turmeric is anti-inflammatory in itself, and can help reduce pain in itself. But if you mix with 2 other products, Penetrex, a powerful anti-inflammatory formulation, and magnesium oil (a muscle relaxant), the results are near miraculous, or at least, they have been for me. See directions in greater detail in this blog post.

As expected for something that is anti-inflammatory, the reviews for the turmeric essential oil (see below pic) suggest it can help with both pain and eczema by itself. Combine it with other things, and it gets even better. As a cautionary, I would not use this undiluted – best to mix with a carrier oil or cream.

I love, love, love feedback – please come back and tell me how these suggestions have worked out for you!

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